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Same work and results double the payback.  That is the offer available on all of our positions. We only offer high income self-employed contracts.

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If I gave you a machine that every time you turned the handle a £20 note came out, how many times would you turn it?  We help you to accelerate those turns!

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If you are good at sales then you should negotiate a high income deal with whoever you sell products.

We have negotiated for you with our clients on your behalf.  In all cases they will be based on you receiving a large share of what you produce.  We also have negotiated a self-employed contract that looks after your interests.  We have even arranged coaching and training from week one and ongoing at our expense to guide you to reach your goals fast.  The most common one is earning over £10K per month.

A self-employed contract means you have much more freedoms and it should also stipulate rights that cover, when appropriate, residuals and fee ownership.  An employer can build up ten customers and be made redundant. Then the commission reverts back to the company.  Not in our contracts, you have far more security protecting the business you build.  Let us help you succeed.

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About Success Moves Executives

Success Moves Executives, part of the Success Moves Group, focuses on finding high income opportunities for Senior Sales Executives.  After they are placed with a client we offer ongoing coaching and training for Success Movers. For enquiries please call us on 01403256465.

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Have You seen our Sales and Entrepreneur books on Amazon?

We now have seven print books on Amazon , 3 Audio CDs and a growing number of Kindle ebooks. You can visit Alex McMillan’s Amazon Author Page here.

The Success Moves Executives team is always looking for stories to share about achieving high income in sales. If you have a great story make contact and you may appear in our next publication.

Email alex@successmoves.co.uk or call 0203-6759099